Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Honduras Weekly invite to Honduras' presidential wannabes

Honduras Weekly is an interesting and eclectic online publication. With the political cycle in full swing - party runoffs in November, the election next spring - it has called on candidates to share their plans for the country.
"Honduras Weekly invites all prospective candidates from all of the country's political parties to begin sharing with us their platforms in advance of their respective party's primary elections in November. 
"In order for the people of Honduras to be able to make intelligent and informed decisions for whom they will vote, it is essential for anyone seeking the highest political office in the land to clearly and concisely lay out his or her vision for leading the country. This vision should be broad and philosophical, but also specific and pragmatic. It has to be much more than just about criticizing and denigrating those running against you. It has to be about what unique ideas and proposals you bring to the table, and what tactics and strategies you intend to use to implement them."
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