Tuesday, May 7, 2013

'Wither Honduras? Volatile elite politics and citizen dissatisfaction'

AmericasBarometer Insights offers a troubling look at Honduras today, based on a survey of citizens.
“In 2013, Honduras faces many of the same problems it faced in 2009. Some problems, in fact, have worsened. 
“By many measures, crime, political polarization, institutional weakness, impunity and corruption have gotten worse. The erosion in political and institutional stability is reflected in the significant increase of triply dissatisfied citizens. 
“More than a third of Hondurans are triply dissatisfied. That is, more than a third of Hondurans simultaneously do not support democracy, do not support national institutions, and disapprove of the government’s economic performance. 
“The consequences for regime stability are troubling. A repeat of the events similar to those of June 2009 appears very unlikely to happen, especially given strong public opposition to coups, and potential for negative international reaction. 
“However, the deterioration of institutional support is not a propitious environment in which to hold national presidential elections on November 10, 2013.”
You can read the full report here.

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