Thursday, February 14, 2013

Effective and credible police and development

Like one more stone on the pathway of the development of the Central American countries, the CID-Gallup poll indicates that its residents do not trust the police.
Central American Data
From the Public Opinion Survey of February 2013, Central America and the Dominican Republic CID-Gallup Poll:

There is little or no confidence in the police in the Central American countries. The exception is Nicaragua, where 49 percent say they have confidence in the police, but even in this country there is more faith in the miliary to perform their functions. The place with the least confidence in the police force is in Honduras, a country that has experienced a crisis in the institution after it was discovered that there was a wide participation of some police in criminal activities. The government of Tegucigalpa is still struggling to carry out a purge of the uniformed civilian force.

The percentages of public confidence in the police in their respective countries are:

El Salvador: Little or nothing: 69% - A lot or somewhat: 31%
Guatemala: Little or nothing: 76% - A lot or somewhat: 23%
Honduras: Little or nothing: 84% - A lot or somewhat: 16%
Nicaragua: Little or nothing: 50% - A lot or somewhat: 49%
Costa Rica: Little or nothing: 59% - A lot or somewhat: 36%
Panama: Little or nothing: 62% - A lot or somewhat: 36%

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